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What's Inside?

We love your skepticism. Skeptics make the world go round.
That’s why we decided to show you all the ins and outs of Instafam mechanism.

IG friendly

Instafam is intertwined with native IG algorithms and strictly adheres to its rules and policies. That’s why it’s fail-safe, secure and powerful

Safe and secure

We do not store your data. Your personal information is strongly encrypted and no one, even our development team is able to view it.


A task-based approach is the key to natural IG growth. You receive daily tasks and get views, likes and comments from real people in exchange.

No bots involved

We do not use bots as we want to protect our users from spammy comments and sudden drop-off in following.


The system doesn’t imitate users’ activity but provides real and active following. Thus, your rankings jump up without any risks for your account.


We do not use bots to help you gain following. Instafam supports only organic Instagram algorithms which implies only real IG accounts and real activity.
As you get registered in the system, real people leave comments and likes increasing your IG rankings naturally. You won’t get banned, you won’t face a sudden drop-off in following as it usually happens when utilizing IG bots. Instafam uses only organic IG algorithms, that's why you get real and permanent results.
After you signed up with the system and confirmed your data, you start receiving tasks. Usually, it’s no more than 20 tasks per day. You may not necessarily complete all the tasks, however the more activity you show, the more views, likes and comments you get in return.
Yes, it will. Whether it’s a personal or a business account Instafam will work for both. Even if you run Dogstagram, it’s no difference - you will start getting followers as soon as you begin completing tasks.
We want to be honest with you. When you’re guaranteed a specific number of followers, you are being tricked. It's just not realistic. The number of organic IG fans you gain depends on the content you provide. Instime helps you boost followers' activity, however, it’s still up to you to come up with relevant and engaging posts.
Instafam is a unique service that uses a smart task-based approach that doesn’t imitate users’ activity but provides real views, likes and comments. The concept is based on native IG algorithms that prohibit massive-commenting and sudden activity changes. Thus, Instafam helps you gain followers safely and organically.
No, you don’t. We do not have access to your personal data and do not store your passwords, payment information, etc.
After your trial runs out, go to Finance section, Subscription renewal and choose your Instafam plan.

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